Sunday, August 16, 2009

Journaling Prompt # 18

Journaling Challenge # 18
August 13, 2009

Firsts - write about a first. Perhaps your child's first tooth, first step, first word, or first day of school. Or a first for you - first love, first date, first car ( I was going to say first marriage - but I didn't!) And, I am giving a few easy tips that apply to the August Challenge - how to write five lines of journaling.

When I teach boys how to write, I tell them to draw ( or look ) at their hand. First, we start with the pinkie , which is kindof a hook. We need a hook to draw the reader's attention, sometimes a question or an exclamatory sentence - get a little bit of excitement going! 2nd finger,write an introduction or statement of your story. Now you have two fingers or two lines to be descriptive - use your five senses! When we get to the thumb, we write a concluding statement, concisely summarizing our story. Here is my sample: really thought that after fifty, there wouldn't be any great FIRSTS!!

But my first homemade from scratch pumpkin pie from the first pumpkin grown in my own garden was a delicious surprise! As it baked, the house was filed with adelicious aroma. The pie looked so tempting and the texture was so smooth andcreamy. It called out to me to taste it! Delectable! My belief in FIRSTS hasbeen restored! When I printed it landscape, it came out to five lines.


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