Monday, July 27, 2009

Journaling Prompt #1

Journal Prompt # 1
July 27, 2009

Since today is Raymond's birthday, today's prompt is BIRTHDAY!!!

In the "Telling Stories Deeply" online class, it was stressed that all five senses should be included to create a vivid story. Birthdays are a perfect subject for this! Journal about anyone's birthday, single or plural. Some ideas - what music was heard? What scents were in the air? Were there wonderful things to taste? Who or what was there to see? Any touching going on?I have two stories I will post tomorrow.

First, we are going to Disneyland, soI'll write about that. I am also going to journal about the parties I had as akid.If you are writing a diet journal, you may want to consider the significance and prominence of food in celebrations. Today, I am including links to two printable journaling spot pages. Yourjournaling can be concise. Birthdays would be: cake, candles, hugs, gifts,song.

New Journalinfg Prompt Challenge - Intro


The greatest minds of WhoGas met yesterday and concluded that we need a journaling challenge! I (Joanne) volunteered to attempt to run it - wish me luck!

The challenge is informal - the goal is to write something everyday. The writing may be typical scrapbook journaling, writing in a health / diet journal,nature journal, gardening journal or a diary journal - whatever you would like.

We'll start by first selecting where to write down our words. You can digitallyrecord your thoughts, but most of us enjoy tangible items. I started an album in the photo section and I placed pics of two commercially available journals. There are all types of journals that you can purchase, as well as journal templates for diet, exercise, etc. that are available online. I am going to try to carry a journal with me whenever ever possible so I can jot down both facts and random thoughts, especially when I am taking pictures.I hope to post one link per day.

Today, it is from Donna Salazaar and Fiskars on how to decorate a composition book. on episode 98. I (Joanne) made a journal for Raymond and posted a pic in thealbum. If you post a picture of your journal ( whatever it may be) - give yourself five points for today's challenge.

Posting your journaling is optional, as it may be personal. If your journaling is on a blog or online somewhere else, you could post a link. When I include my journaling as a sample, I'll put it in the post. The challenge will be point based and you track your own points. Since I'm making this up as I go along, I don't have a point chart - yet.

But so far, it is:
Responding to a prompt : 5 pts
If you journal, but not to the day's prompt : 4pts ( can be combined with above for 9 pts)
Posting in some way your journaling :1 pt
Posting a pic of your altered journal, homemade journal, lo, or other art item : 5 pts
All posts and uploads are due within 5 days of the original prompt.If you have questions on how to post pics or any other question that you don't want posted, pm me at

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week # 30 - Digitally Alter a Photograph

Week # 30 – Digitally Alter a Photograph

Elsie loves taking photographs and challenging herself by doing cool things with her photo software. She would like to challenge her readers to do the same. Try changing the color of a photo (black & white / sepia, etc), digitally slicing a photo, try different artistic effects, etc.. Time to get creative!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July Challenge

Hosted by Jessica S.
Your challenge this month is the following:

Create a SUMMER layout using the sketch provided, your layout can be of anything that represents summer to you.

The only other rule is you have to use the word"Summer" somewhere in the title of your layout. Easy right?

** A folder has been created int he "Photo" section in the group. When you have completed your challenge, please upload into the same folder.

Due date: July 31st by midnight.

Everyone who participates with get a participation RAK plus the winner will get a fun little prize! Have fun ladies!

Created by Joanne

Created by Elia

Created by Tricia

Created by Alondra

Created by Rochelle S.

Created by Bea

Week # 29 - Journal an Unexpected Turn

Week # 29 – Journal an Unexpected Turn

Life is full of interesting twists and turns. If you’ve ever had a dream and then been surprised at how your life really turned out, you’ll know what this challenge is about. For this challenge, take a look at an event or a time in your life you when you thought things might be a certain way but ended up completely different!

Created by Joanne

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 28 - Document a Day in Your Life

Week #28 – Document a Day in Your Life

How do you spend a typical day? I know, you may think your life is just the same old, same old…but others in your family may not think so and may be fascinated with all the details that make up your daily routine! Try creating a page that chronicles a day in your life…it would be worth it!

* A Word From Elsie *
For an easy way to document a day in your life, just make a photocopy of your day planner or of a grocery list or to-do-list. I know you might think it would look messy, but think about how cool it would be if your kids discovered it one day. And, you can also make a little hidden journaling slot for it, too!

Joanne's Layout

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cori's Celebrating her Birthday and WE are INVITED!

Come celebrate Miss Cori's Birthday with us!

Where: Scrapbook Land - 16388 Colima Road #105 Hacienda Heights, CA 91745.
When: Saturday, August 22, 2009
Time: 10-10

**There is a $10 fee with a potluck dish

You will need to call to reserve your spot!

Call today!

Attendees so far: (will be updated)

Cori & Mom

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Week #27 - Scrapbook Those Silly Photos

Week #27 – Scrapbook Those Silly Photos

I know you have them. Well, at least one? You know the silly photos! Maybe there is that one child or family member that constantly makes silly faces every time you try and take a photo. So dig it out…and or take a new one!
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