Monday, May 24, 2010

BOM: Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

About your humble beginnings. Record your birth statistics, just as you would for a newborn baby:
• Date of birth
• Time of birth
• Day of the week
• Weight
• Length
• Hospital / location
• Colour of eyes and hair
• Doctor / midwife
• Details of hospital stay

You might like to include events that happened on the day, or in the year you were born.

Here are some fun sites: (An Australian Site)

Personal Journaling:

Now that you have the basics about your birth, lets dig a little deeper and look at the circumstances of your birth. Were you a much wanted and eagerly anticipated baby, a happy, or not-so-happy surprise? What did your birth mean for your parents, for your family? How did they feel about having a new baby around? Why were you born?

Now take a moment to consider the way the above knowledge has impacted on your life. Has it made you feel loved and cherished, resentful, happy, unworthy, secure, comfortable?

Remember that this personal information need not be shared with anyone else. It simply gives you a starting point from which to consider your life.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Different Angles

Different Angles

Some have probably already completed a “Book of Me.” Share with others in the group how you laid your book out. What were the must haves in the book?

Below is the basic blueprint I used for my book I did about 5 years ago... This time around I may add / omit some of the below items. It is completely your preference. The following ideas may assist you in getting started.

Titile Page

Meaning of your name (Gender, Usage, Pronunciation, etc.)

What does your name mean to you?

Cool Facts about YOU!

Books you have read…

Movies you have seen…(like top 5-10)

Music I listened to in the past / current

Your Characteristics

Things you may have learned from parents, siblings, family members, professors/teachers, etc.

Top 10 Vacation Spots

Dedicate a Top 10 page (movies, artists, books, foods, tv shows)

Book of Me since the month of May is almost over I think to give us a nice even
round timeframe, we will begin the challenge 6/1 and be able to present our book
(completed of course) no later than 8/1. Meaning challenge set to end 7/31.

I will try daily to put forth ideas and challenges to help you along with your

Whats so great about this is that you can design your book anyway you wish and
in any order. This is NOT a tale your time!

All participants will receive a RAK for putting forth your time and effort. =)

We all deserve a Book of we are always the ones telling stories of
everyone else...its time for use to tell our story...ABOUT US! This book will be

I would recommend keeping a mini folder or notebook so that you can print these
ideas out later and be able to refer to them at will. If you aren't
participating this time around, maybe you can still
complete one in the future!

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