Sunday, August 16, 2009

Journaling Prompt # 16

Journaling Prompt # 16
August 11, 2009

Trisha has inspired me - today we will write about WALKING SHOES!!! Ok, you can journal about any athletic subject, about yourself or anyone else. OR you can start an exercise journal, here are some : And here is part of my journaling:


When I was a kid, the shoes to have were PF Flyers. Keds were ok, and Converse made high top basketball shoes. Actually, they were called sneakers. Addidas and Tretorn made tennis shoes. In the 1980’s, the running shoe was invented. I was working two jobs â€" 60 hours a week â€" and going to school. I was running all over New York City. I am the person who invented wearing running shoes with work attire. I wore running shoes under my sterile shoecovers in the hospital, then with a dress as I ran down to Bloomies, and then Iactually did more running with them when I worked out with the NY RoadrunnersClub. I always thought it was very apropos that we did our post run stretchesat the Church of the Heavenly Rest. But the reason I made running shoes a fashion statement was due to a little store on 59th St. Before Nike came out with their waffle trainers, this shop sold basic running shoes with simple linesâ€" that were dyed all kinds of fashion colors and shipped in from Korea. I would take orders from my co-workers in the Bronx and buy half a dozen pair aweek. I am willing to take full credit for establishing this practical fad!

My lo will be uploaded later today. I did upload my project from Sunday and I did work on yesterday's as well.

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