Sunday, August 16, 2009

Journaling Prompt # 11

Journaling Prompt # 11
August 6, 2009

How about an A to Z of YOU!!

List 26 words, from A to z that describe you.

Be upbeat - no achy, bloated,constipated, depressed, etc!

Think of what you would want your future granddaughters to know about you. Get creative at the end of the alphabet - we can't all be wonderful, excellent, young and zany! It is a good exercise to get out the dictionary and to choose which of the common words
(Creative, Crafty,caring..) depicts you the best. I'm still working on mine and I can't find the lo that inspired me (does anyoneknow how to organize favorites in firefox?) But here are a few samples:

another way to do a to z

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