Sunday, August 16, 2009

Journaling Prompt # 17

Journaling Prompt # 17
August 12, 2009

Sorry, I procrastinated today!

Topic - Use numbers to tell your story.

Make a list, etc. I numbered photos inmy example. It came out a bit too wild for me, but Raymond liked it. Now he has me doing more photo shoots and is requesting both 12x12 pages AND a mini-album!

My example from yesterday is uploaded too.
Note to self: Do not erase word doc until you decide on colors of papers! I had intended on using White Out bright pps, but switched to neutrals and I didn't save my word doc and I was too lazytoo retype everything on beige cardstock. I am trying to pretend that it was adesign decision.alternate Promptpick something from here :

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