Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monthly Crop - Collective Journeys

Good Morning Ladies!

Please find all of the info below.

The crop will be 10:00am - 10:00pm, $10 per person. We are able to bring our own snacks, so I ask that we all pitch in and bring goodies / snacks to share. There is plenty around if you wish to leave for lunch and a great sandwich shop across the street in walking distance.

We will need a minimum of 6 to sign up, so please do so soon as I want to continue to be able to use this space as we have been invited to do so. =)

If you have any questions please let me know.

**I am also asking that those attending sign up in the database so that way I have a head count of who is all coming.

***You can ask for Christine. I am sure Christine is not there everyday but she aid anyone should be able to take the reservation as we are down on their calendar.


Collective Journey
1755 Orangetree Lane
Redlands, CA 92374

Phone: 909-793-2200

From Anaheim Directions
From Los Angeles Directions
From Palm Springs Directions
From San Diego Directions
From High Desert Directions

Tuesday - Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12 noon- 5pm
Closed on Mondays!
We may be open later on nights we have classes or crops. Please call ahead to see if we are here!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WhoGivesaScrap Winter Retreat

Okay so 12 of us fun girls got together for our annual retreat. We usually do this once a year and we have such a good time! This was our 2nd time at The Scrap Retreat House in Winchester.

In attendance we had, Janice, Audrey, Wendy, Cynthia, Robin, Billie, Charlie, Marjorie, Marie and Melissa. Love these girls, cause I had a real good time!

This was the first time that I was completely unprepared for this retreat. Life has just been a whirlwind! I think I was just really looking forward to the time away!

This was also the 1st retreat where I was not too productive, but I still got some stuff done.
We had a BUNCH of snacks, food, drinks, alot of girl time, girl talk, laughing.....oooh the best part was my 60 minute massage I got on Saturday. The poor masseuse did maybe 7-8 of us I know she was ready to go home! Before she left we had her snag our pic though...see below!

Yes....that is me...and that is our mascot mask. There is a story behind it but to make it real Yahoo Group, WhoGivesaScrap. One of our members just shortened it all together and alot of come to just call us WhoGAS as they are the know I know. So Miss Wendy, came across a GAS MASK! And it seems to appear at every crop
Wendy, Marjorie and I

Miss Robin graciously did a make and take for us, the layout was pretty cool. I learned a few techniques, will post later with other items I completed. Thanks Robin! Visit her blog, she does pretty cool stuff!
Ok....brace yourself.....
We usually do some type of RAK or group project that we all take part in. Well some girls just didn't have the guts to do it....however.....ladies if you take a REAL close look at the photos below, you can kinda get the idea as to what was goin down and what we had to ALTER! LOL!
Enjoy the photos! I MUST admit, I wasn't too excited about working in this project cause it just didn't feel right! BUT, the end result was great! We all shared some pretty heart wrenching! We had an OVERACHIEVER in the she made wrist cuffs and earrings to match...I won't even get in to what they were made out of! LOL!
Wendy - The Overachiever...
Charlies product...

Marie's Product...

We have a tradition to do the Cupid Shuffle dance at every retreat. We did it a few times, but we thought it would be fun to do it in our "slippers." Unfortunately, we were sliding all over the floor...with the exception of Marie..BECAUSE she took the backing off the bottom of her "SLIPPERS" LOL!!!

Me & Charlie showing off our slippahz!
Here are the ladies that had the guts to partake in the activity...LOL! Girl Power! Embrace your slippahz! Here are

Here is a collective picture of them all....LOL!!!! Good job ladies!

Overall I had a good time, as usual! can't wait to do it again!
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