Monday, July 27, 2009

New Journalinfg Prompt Challenge - Intro


The greatest minds of WhoGas met yesterday and concluded that we need a journaling challenge! I (Joanne) volunteered to attempt to run it - wish me luck!

The challenge is informal - the goal is to write something everyday. The writing may be typical scrapbook journaling, writing in a health / diet journal,nature journal, gardening journal or a diary journal - whatever you would like.

We'll start by first selecting where to write down our words. You can digitallyrecord your thoughts, but most of us enjoy tangible items. I started an album in the photo section and I placed pics of two commercially available journals. There are all types of journals that you can purchase, as well as journal templates for diet, exercise, etc. that are available online. I am going to try to carry a journal with me whenever ever possible so I can jot down both facts and random thoughts, especially when I am taking pictures.I hope to post one link per day.

Today, it is from Donna Salazaar and Fiskars on how to decorate a composition book. on episode 98. I (Joanne) made a journal for Raymond and posted a pic in thealbum. If you post a picture of your journal ( whatever it may be) - give yourself five points for today's challenge.

Posting your journaling is optional, as it may be personal. If your journaling is on a blog or online somewhere else, you could post a link. When I include my journaling as a sample, I'll put it in the post. The challenge will be point based and you track your own points. Since I'm making this up as I go along, I don't have a point chart - yet.

But so far, it is:
Responding to a prompt : 5 pts
If you journal, but not to the day's prompt : 4pts ( can be combined with above for 9 pts)
Posting in some way your journaling :1 pt
Posting a pic of your altered journal, homemade journal, lo, or other art item : 5 pts
All posts and uploads are due within 5 days of the original prompt.If you have questions on how to post pics or any other question that you don't want posted, pm me at

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