Monday, July 27, 2009

Journaling Prompt #1

Journal Prompt # 1
July 27, 2009

Since today is Raymond's birthday, today's prompt is BIRTHDAY!!!

In the "Telling Stories Deeply" online class, it was stressed that all five senses should be included to create a vivid story. Birthdays are a perfect subject for this! Journal about anyone's birthday, single or plural. Some ideas - what music was heard? What scents were in the air? Were there wonderful things to taste? Who or what was there to see? Any touching going on?I have two stories I will post tomorrow.

First, we are going to Disneyland, soI'll write about that. I am also going to journal about the parties I had as akid.If you are writing a diet journal, you may want to consider the significance and prominence of food in celebrations. Today, I am including links to two printable journaling spot pages. Yourjournaling can be concise. Birthdays would be: cake, candles, hugs, gifts,song.

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