Friday, April 3, 2009

April Challenge - What Makes YOU Happy!?

~ April Challenge~
What Makes YOU Happy!

Thought it was time to get happy and its spring time and we all have things that make us happy, Show me on a single or double layout what makes YOU happy!

Twist: A circle must be somewhere on the page!
Twist is optional BUT you will receive an extra vote if you do it.Rules:
*Your lo has to be new as of April 3, 2009
*Upload your lo onthe board by April 29, in the designated folder “April Challenge”
*You can enter one lo for this month!
I will create a poll for voting this month… =)
Please try and leave some love in each others galleries!
If you get a comment, return it and share the love!

Layouts will also be placed here on our blog. =) * If you wish to place in another gallery other than here, it is your responsibility to make sure you post the link.

Go sign up in the database if participating!



  1. Great Challenge!!! Problem is that a lot of things make me happy!!! Now I have to choose LOL

  2. That is off to go find your layout so I can post to the blog!


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