Monday, April 27, 2009

52 Week Challenge - Weeks 16, 17, & 18

Week # 16 – Scraplift a Topic
Again, this is another example that is illustrated in the book. The example that is used in the book is the topic of how much one loves their camera, so she scraplifted that topic.
Choose ANY topic and scrap it! Maybe the challenge should had said, scraplift a SUBJECT instead! =)


Week #17 – Scraplift an Alphabetical Approach
Elsie loves how “Julie) used so many different types of letters on her page. She also loved how she customized them to fit her personal style. Experiment with letters on a scrapbook page, and make them your own by embellishing them in a way that suits your scrapbooking personality! (So…basically choose a letter in the alphabet, attempt to use several in your layout maybe as a focal point?)

Week #18 – Scraplift a Page DesignElsie likes to challenge herself by pushing limits of what a scrapbook page can be. Blank space on a layout can be super effective. Try something different by leaving a lot of blank space on a page

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